Schedule35 – Microdose 200mg

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This isn’t your first psychedelic rodeo. If you’re looking to up your dosage for that extra edge, the 200mg will spark your creativity and we hope you do something spectacular with it, cadet.

5x 200mg capsules per bag. Vegan & organic. Learn more.

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Schedule35 - Microdose 100mg

We meticulously dose each capsule to make sure you're getting exactly what you need. Designed with the newbie in mind, the 100mg capsule is meant for the individual who's new to microdosing and looking to level up. A little bit goes a long way.

5x 100mg capsules per bag. Vegan & organic. Learn more.

Schedule35 - Microdose 500mg

The Superdose is accurately dosed with 500mg of magic mushrooms that can open your mind and put love in your heart. Take one for a light trip or take all four if you want to find the meaning of life. The Superdose can have psychoactive effects. Do not operate a vehicle or heavy machinery.

4x 500mg capsules per bag. Vegan & organic. Learn more.

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