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An all inclusive Cannabis Rewards Program!

Buddy Bucks

Buddy Bucks is (at least in our unbiased opinion) the best weed rewards program in the world (probably)! We want to reward loyal customers with some of the best offerings in the industry. The more you purchase, the more you earn, and (most importantly) the more you save!

Buddy Bucks can be earned on purchases, product reviews, lifetime value, referrals, and much more. We’re always working on new ways to innovate and expand our program. Special prizes, raffles, giveaways, and freebies are just some of the amazing features of our Buddy Bucks Rewards Program! Learn more below!

Your points are yours, forever. No expirations.


  • On all regular products – Earn 100% of your total purchases as points. For example, a cart subtotal of $100 will earn you 100 Buddy Bucks. Calculated prior to shipping.
  • On all bulk products – Earn 25% of your total purchases as points. For example, a cart subtotal of $100 will earn you 25 Buddy Bucks. Calculated prior to shipping.
  • Earn points even when redeeming or on site-wide discounts!
  • Buddy Bucks have a value of 25 bucks to $1. 

  • Easily view your points, redemptions, refer-a-friend code, freebies, and history from your My Accounts page.

  • Redeem on any order more than $55 (tiered redemption rules apply).

  • Redeem up to 1250 Buddy Bucks ($50) per order (tiered redemption rules apply).
  • Stack your redemptions with freebies, Buddy Bucks discounts, and cash reward prizes
  • We’re always expanding and creating new offerings so make sure you check back often!
  • Buddy Bucks are credited once an order is completed.

Redeeming is so easy even a panda could do it!


  • Buddy Bucks can be redeemed during checkout or your My Cart page.
  • Check your exclusive Buddy Bucks Dashboard to see how many bucks you have.
  • You can redeem for discounts on any order over $55 order or save up your Buddy Bucks for a large purchase!
  • Buddy Bucks can be redeemed once you have at least 130 Buddy Bucks ($5.20 value).
  • Want freebies instead? Buddy Bucks offers a wide arrange of freebies! You can view your options at checkout or at your exclusive Buddy Bucks Dashboard.
  • Coupons & Buddy Bucks cannot be combined together.
  • Buddy Bucks can be redeemed on all products, sale items, during certain site wide promotions, bundles, sample packs, and much more. In fact, you can redeem Buddy Bucks on every single purchase with our freebies!

So many ways to earn Buddy Bucks. Power up by leaving us a review or two! 


  • The easiest way to earn Buddy Bucks is by making product purchases. 
  • Earn bucks by leaving unique reviews, referring a friend, completing a certain number of orders, or by placing high value orders.
  • We’re always adding new offerings & redemption options.
  • Check out the full list of Buddy Bucks redemptions & freebies on your exclusive dashboard.
  • What freebies? Sample packs, pre rolls, shatter, mushrooms, edibles, vapes, accessories….the list just goes on and on.
  • We’re planning to introduce exclusive Buddy Bucks offerings, discount codes, and cash prizes in the near future!

❤️ Love us? Leave a Google or Trustpilot review and get a 250 ($10) credit

Reviews help us grow and we’re here to reward you.


Earn 15 ($0.60) Buddy Bucks per unique product review. Automatically credited to your account! NOTE: Submitting multiple spam reviews will result in your account being suspended and all Buddy Bucks removed.


❤️ Love us? Leave a Google or Trustpilot review and get a 250 ($10) credit

Share us on Social Media

Earn a whopping 1000 Buddy Bucks for reviewing us on Social Media. Just send us a link or screenshot of your review/feedback and we’ll credit your account in 24-48 hours. Please submit all social media reviews to [email protected]. We also have monthly $100 Visa gift card giveaways each month. Reach out to us to learn more.

Where can I leave reviews?


  • Earn 500 Buddy Bucks on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and any of your favourite social media websites
  • Earn 250 Buddy Bucks by leaving us a product review on Reddit /r/MOMPics (must be a high quality review)
  • Earn 250 Buddy Bucks by leaving a review on Reddit /r/CanadianMOMs (must be a high quality review)

Limited to one unique review per customer. Reviews must be high quality and cannot be made by new social media accounts. All reviews are subject to verification at our discretion.

We love your friends and we think they’ll love us too!


Have friends? We’d love to have them shop with us. Buddy Bucks has one of the best Refer-a-Friend option in the entire industry!

How does it work?

  1. Get your unique referral link at your Buddy Bucks dashboard.
  2. Send the code to your friends and make sure they visit using that unique referral link.
  3. Once your friend completes their first order they earn a bonus 500 ($20) Buddy Bucks.
  4. The best part? You earn 200% of their total purchase as Buddy Bucks.
  5. Example: Your friends purchase total is $200 of regular products. They earn 200 Buddy Bucks plus 500 bonus Buddy Bucks. You earn a bonus of 400 ($16) points just for referring them!
  6. Applies once per referral!

A few simple Terms & Conditions.


To ensure the Buddy Bucks Rewards are not abused there are a few rules put in place:


  • Buddy Bucks can be earned when redeeming Buddy Bucks on an existing order.
  • At checkout you will see a line item indicating if you are earning Buddy Bucks for that order.
  • Certain products such as sample packs, single pre rolls, accessories, or certain bundles are not eligible to earn Buddy Bucks.
  • Orders cannot be below $40 after Buddy Bucks are redeemed.
  • You must have at least 130 Buddy Bucks before you may redeem them.
  • The cart total must be at least $55 before Buddy Bucks can be redeemed
  • You may redeem up to a maximum of 1,250 Buddy Bucks ($50 value) per order.
  • Tiered redemption rules apply. Check out your dashboard for more information.
  • Freebies are subject to availability.
  • Buddy Bucks may be removed from an account if the account is found to be abusing the program or not acting in good faith.

The terms and conditions governing the Buddy Bucks Rewards Program is subject to change at Kush Buddy Company’s discretion. 


Last Updated: January 2nd, 2024 Program Version: 1.5