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Revert your rewards back to points

Not ready to claim your reward just yet or are you saving it for something bigger? We totally understand! You can revert your Buddy Bucks rewards back to points at any time. A few things to remember:

  • You can revert any reward back to points at any time
  • Points that are converted into rewards are never lost and never expire (except for limited time offers)
  • Your points balance & redeemed balance will be updated if you revert rewards back to points

Revert Rewards*

*You can also redeem your rewards from the My Dashboard page, when viewing your cart, or at checkout.

You can revert Buddy Bucks rewards back to points at any time. See below:

Step 1 – Open up your Buddy Bucks Dashboard

Step 2 – Find the reward you would like to cancel & revert back to points

Step 3 – Press the 3 dots to show the revert option

Step 4 – Click the confirmation pop up

Step 5 – You will see a confirmation. You can confirm by checking your available vs. redeemed points



Reach out to us at our contact page and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy. 🙂