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Buying in bulk or looking for wholesale? Kush Buddy has you covered! See below for our discount tiers for all wholesale & bulk products. Ready to Purchase? Check out our Bulk section for our latest products.


Wholesale & Bulk Discounts 🐝

Reduced prices and an extra 20%

  • We’ve reduced our prices across the store by over 35% on most products
  • We now have a wide selection of bundles that can be used to save anywhere from 7-15% extra on all products!
  • Spending over $14991199? Take advantage of our special wholesale discount and save an additional 20% across your entire cart. Discounts are applied automatically
  • Does not stack with bundle discounts. If you have a bundle in your cart this discount will not apply. Remove the bundle to apply the wholesale discount instead.
  • Buddy Bucks can be applied on top with some limitations.

Purchasing Wholesale?

  • We’re happy to work on custom order for eligible customers
  • Reach out to us and tell us your requirements & budget
  • We’ll get back to you within 24 hours
  • Contact us here
Last Updated: May, 2024

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Terms & Conditions
  • Minimum purchase based on tiered discount rules (see above)
  • Eligible products include all regular products and all bulk products
  • Pre rolls, sample packs, accessories are not eligible or included
  • Specific products such as Bulk Hybrid Kief, 100g Shatter Slabs, MCU Hash Rosin, and MCU Diamond Crystals are excluded from additional discounts
  • Buddy Bucks may be redeemed for an additional maximum discount of $50
  • Buddy Bucks coupons for percentage of flat discounts over $50 may not be used with the wholesale program.
  • Processing & packing times for wholesale/bulk orders may take some additional time
  • Wholesale orders are not eligible for further site-wide discounts or promotions
  • We may require proof of ID & address before we can process your wholesale orders. We will require two pieces of valid government ID with your picture & address clearly visible. IDs cannot be expired and must match the name of the EMT being sent. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Returns, exchanges, and refunds are not accepted on wholesale or bulk orders. We recommend ordering a smaller sample first to ensure the quality meets your expectations.
  • All bulk & wholesale orders are subject to our wholesale tax. This helps offset operational and payment processing costs we incur.
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