At Kush Buddy, we are happy to offer premium weed delivery in Toronto. Order cannabis delivery now and have it delivered to your door within a few hours, all for a delivery fee of only $5. That’s our guarantee! Find our full list of same day delivery zones here.

How Our Toronto Weed Delivery Service Works


  • We offer same day weed delivery for a $5 fee in Toronto
  • Order before 2pm EST to get same-day delivery guaranteed. Orders after that will have a next-day guarantee
  • Minimum order is $40 to get same day cannabis delivery
  • Normal members pay with e-transfer, repeat customers can pay with cash after a few orders

Ordering weed online using Kush Buddy weed delivery is the best way to get your cannabis delivered efficiently and affordably. With this method of delivery, you’ll get your products the same day as long as you order within the cutoff period (2pm EST).

What that means is you won’t have to wait for a package to show up in the mail. You just order online and wait for your quality marijuana to show up via local courier. This service is perfect for people that don’t want to go to a physical retail store or are even unable to go to a local storefront yet want fast service. If this is you, then we advise to choose weed delivery within the local area in Toronto.

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Quick FAQs:

  1. Order any time between 12:00AM – 2:00PM and choose the GTA Express Delivery for Today option during checkout.
  2. Complete your payment before 2:00PM EST.
  3. Our team will have your order packed and dispatched using our courier service between the hours of 2:00PM – 10:00PM.
  4. Orders are dropped off in person instead of via Canada Post ensuring you get your order the same day it’s ordered. 
  5. Our couriers will call or text you 15-30 minutes prior to their arrival.

Quick FAQs:

  1. Order any time between 2:00PM – 11:59PM and choose the GTA Express Delivery for Tomorrow  option during checkout.
  2. Complete your payment before the delivery cut off time.
  3. Our team will have your order packed and dispatched the next day using our courier service between the hours of 2:00PM – 10:00PM.
  4. Orders are dropped off in person instead of via Canada Post ensuring you get your order the next day.
  5. Our couriers will call or text you 15-30 minutes prior to their arrival.

Quick FAQs:

GTA Express Same Day & Next Day Delivery: $5 flat fee

NOTE: You must have an order size equal to or greater than $40 for this option to become available during checkout. 

Payment Options

e-Transfer: Payments can be made via Interac e-Transfer. You will receive your custom payment instructions during checkout and in your order confirmation email.  Please note the payment instructions and ensure you use the correct recipient name as any other variation will be rejected. If payment is not completed within 24 hours the order is automatically cancelled. 

Cash on Delivery: Cash on delivery is only available to select customers. You will automatically become eligible if you are in the Greater Toronto Area, qualify for GTA Express Delivery, and have completed a certain number of purchases via e-Transfers. If you are eligible for Cash on Delivery, you will see the option during checkout. Payments made in cash will have the HST reversed. Please note that placing an order and failing to pay on delivery will result in a permanent ban.

Orders with limited quantity items are placed on hold for an hour before it is automatically cancelled. 

Quick FAQs:

Our couriers will optimize their route based on the volume and location of orders. Unfortunately we cannot provide an ETA but your order will arrive before 10:00PM. Our drivers will always call or text you 15-30 minutes prior to their arrival.

Quick FAQs:

We continue to offer priority shipping across the GTA & Canada too all of our customers. All shipping orders will be processed within 1-2 business day(s). Tracking codes are automatically provided when your order is shipped. Most orders placed and paid for before 2:00PM EST are shipped out the same day! Learn more about our Shipping options here.

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Get Same Day Delivery in Toronto by Ordering Before 2pm

One of the benefits of ordering high grade cannabis from our online store is that residents in the Toronto, Ontario area can get same day delivery for only $5. In order to get the same day delivery offer, you must order before 2pm. If you order past 2pm, we guarantee next day local delivery too.

High Quality Cannabis Products for Less

With delivery services, dispensaries like Kush Buddy are able to cater to more customers. Without the cost of maintaining stores, this ultimately allows us to offer the lowest price to our happy customers. This is why you will find the highest quality products for the best price exclusively at Kush Buddy. At the end of the day, our customers always ask for the best deals, and we are happy to provide that!

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Kush Buddy as my cannabis dispensary?

At Kush Buddy, our team is heavily involved in cannabis culture. We live and breathe cannabis. Because of this, we understand the challenges that our customers face. Our mission is and always has been to solve these biggest problems. That’s why we focus on four things:

  • The best possible customer service
  • The most reliable products and staff
  • The best possible products
  • The best possible prices

This is why we have so many incredible reviews on our Google My Business page, which can be seen here:

We are also quite famous for our amazing weed deals. These deals range from our most popular strains to cannabis shake. We have a wide variety of hybrid strains, indica strains, and sativa strains that range from A to AAAA quality.

Are there minimum and maximum order amounts for same day weed delivery?

Yes, there is a minimum order amount of $40 in order to get the option to check out using the local weed delivery functionality in Toronto. Be sure to add that much to your cart!

How will I know my order is coming?

As long as you have ordered and paid for your order within the cutoff period of 2pm EST, you will get your order before 10pm that day. You will also receive an email from our automated system informing you of your order and any additional instructions.

Is cannabis legal in Canada?

In 2001, medical marijuana use was legalized in Canada. Meanwhile, recreational use was soon decriminalized and regulated in 2018. But do take note that certain policies for possessing, growing and using marijuana and cannabis products for medical and recreational use by adult Canadians vary in the country. This is from province to province, city to city, town to town, and even county to county.

Well, this legalization paved the way for products derived from cannabis to make it from secret meeting places and dark alleys, to full on display in retail stores. Soon thereafter, edibles like cannabis-infused baked goods, candy, gummies, beverages and even cotton candy can be ordered online and delivered on the same day right at your doorstep.

And today, as the cannabis industry of Canada rapidly grows, dispensaries continue to expand their services to also include convenient ecommerce shops and quick delivery services. Leading companies such as Kush Buddy provide same day weed delivery at zero to very minimal additional cost, depending on your purchase. 

How old do I have to be to purchase cannabis products?

If you are looking to purchase marijuana products in the Greater Toronto Area, you must be at least 19 years of age or older. This is the minimum age requirement for all of Ontario, and most other provinces in Canada.

Kush Buddy is proudly Canadian owned and operated.