Blonde Lebanese Hash – Imported

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Although Blonde Lebanese Hash is one of the older hash strains on the market, it maintains a fairly moderate level of potency that still allows it a place among newer strains. However, its potency can vary quite greatly depending on the harvest or resin extraction process. As with all hash strains, the techniques used to harvest and produce Blonde hash are what make this strain extremely concentrated and far more potent when compared to other forms of cannabis.

Lightly aromatic with a hint of spice, Blonde Hash is known for having a quite harsh and spicy taste that often takes users time to get used to. Once consumed, this strain delivers a pure and simplistic high that’s characterized by a heavy head rush followed by a pleasantly mild body buzz. Despite its moderate potency level, Blonde hash offers a delightfully active and cerebral high that is suitable for first-timers or people with a low tolerance for THC. This product is soft and very easy to work with. Learn more.

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