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Cherry Oil is a type of solvent-based hash oil, also known as BHO (butane hash oil). Similar to other cannabis concentrates, Cherry Oil is produced by extracting the active compounds found in the marijuana plant. It is in the dried and cured cannabis flowers where the active compounds are found in their highest concentration. Thus, the effects experienced upon consuming Cherry Oil are much more potent as compared to smoking a traditional joint. Each 1g syringe contains approximately 71% THC and 9% CBD (1g each). Learn more about this wonderful product in our blog. Find our product guide here.

Product Use: This product has a more pleasant taste than traditional RSO and can be applied to a joint, consumed as an edible, or vaped. Note that Cherry Oil is easier to work with than RSO but may harden over time if it is left in cold temperatures. To use this product effectively, we recommend heating it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds (with the bottom cap removed) and then pushing the syringe gently. The syringes can also be placed in lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes before usage. As Cherry Oil is further purified (in comparison to RSO), it is considered safe to smoke.

Need it in bulk jars? 14g jars available here. 250g bulk jars available here.

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