Black Series – Bulk – Champagne Lover Boy – LSO


February – Batch #1016 – Prettier than your girlfriend, more handsome than your boyfriend. More personality than your S.O. This one is a true treasure! LSO edition.

If you love a fruity flavor or a classic diesel smell, this bud is for you! Champagne Lover Boy has a sweet yet sour tangy fruity flavor that dances across your tongue with each sugary exhale. The smell takes on a diesel effect, bringing in sour fruits as the nugs are burned. The Champagne Lover Boy high comes soon after your first fruity exhale, filling you with beautiful mind and body effects that are ideal for a lazy afternoon when you need a little bit of energy but still want to sleep later. You’ll feel a lift at first toke, pulling your mind into a happy state that’s completely pain free and a little bit tingly. As these effects draw your attention, a creeping body high will wash over you, leaving you completely relaxed with a buzzing effect that won’t make you sleepy or sedated. Thanks to these effects and its moderately high THC level, Champagne Lover Boy is often recommended to treat conditions such as depression, inflammation, mood swings, and chronic stress or anxiety. Learn more.

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