Different Ways to Consume Cannabis Oil

Confused about the many different ways to use cannabis oil? Well, you aren’t alone. Last year, we recognized the need to share quick and simple understanding content about CBD side effects. But because of the rapidly growing popularity of cannabis-derived products all around Canada for the past couple of years, we also noticed that there’s significant demand out there today for up-to-date information about the most salient differences between using CBD for pain vs ingesting CBD for anxiety.

So several months ago, we went ahead and started to answer questions like what do you put cannabis oil in, what is CBD oil good for, what are the side effects of using CBD oil, and how many drops of CBD oil should I take and can I rub CBD oil on my skin for pain. These are just some of the many other urgent concerns that our fellow Canadian cannabis lovers kept fielding.

And our extensive research, rigorous tests and constant discussions with many communities of cannabis lovers and medical experts all around Canada helped us produce this 2022 guide to the country’s best cannabis oil products today. Here, we even tackle stuff like the best ways to use CBD oil for pain and the benefits of using CBD oil for arthritis.

What Should You Expect from Our 2022 Guide on Using Cannabis Oil?

We, of course, want to provide you with quicker, easier and simpler ways to get the answers you want at any point in time about cannabis oil and CBD side effects, among other pertinent topics. So that’s why we divided our guide into easily digestible sections of solid, updated information. However, we didn’t lose focus on our primary goal. And that’s for our guide to serve as your go-to resource for everything you want to know about cannabis oil and other CBD-infused products. Now read on to learn how we designed each section of this guide.

First, we start with all the meat and potatoes you came for. And that’s a checklist of the many different ways to use cannabis oil. Here, you’ll learn about the most popular methods for using CBD and cannabis-derived oils that many of our testers and fellow Canadian cannabis lovers prefer over others.

And you’ll also be able to understand better the particular use cases for which each method is most suitable. This way, you’ll be able to identify the ideal ways to use cannabis oil based on your preferences and current physiological condition.

Second, this is where we share our carefully curated selection of this year’s best cannabis oil products in Canada. In our initial shortlist, we only included certified products from licensed growers, producers, cannabis dispensaries and e-commerce stores all around the country.

Then, we implemented science-backed criteria into our deliberation processes for pruning our shortlist down to the top 3 cannabis oil products in the country today. Of course, we collected the votes of our testers and fellow Canadian cannabis lovers in the communities that helped us develop our guide. So after arranging our collection based on the highest number of votes, we tested and carefully evaluated each product following our deliberation procedures. So after going through this section, we’re confident you’ll be able to pinpoint the most suitable cannabis oil products for the exact benefits you want.

And third, we provide a list of frequently asked questions. These are the most pressing concerns today of our testers and fellow cannabis lovers in several groups and communities all around Canada.

We designed our answers to be as quick and simple to understand as possible. This way, you’ll be able to focus on what matters: picking out the best cannabis and CBD-infused products in our selection with benefits that match your expectations and needs.

For instance, you’re recommended to shop our vapes and cartridges. These are carefully selected top-quality products for pain and anxiety.

Meanwhile, you’re also advised to shop our hash, extracts and shatter. This is our carefully curated selection of the best cannabis-derived extracts, concentrates and distillates in Canada this 2022.

And we’re sure you noticed that dividing our guide this way enables you to quickly jump to the section with the most meaningful content for you at any point in time. Also, keep in mind that this allows you to quickly skim for the information you want and skip over certain sections that you’re already familiar with. So let’s start!

Checklist of Different Modern Methods for Using Cannabis Oil This Year

Culinary Ingredients for Your Favorite Recipes

Many cannabis oil products are produced to allow you to use them as an ingredient for your recipes or directly mix it with your food. Just don’t forget to carefully check the labels of the cannabis oil products before doing this. Particular procedures on how to use cannabis oil should be written there.

And if there’s something about the product being “food-grade,” read the rest until you’re sure it can be mixed with your food or used as a culinary ingredient. We’re trying to say here, don’t just do this immediately after spotting a phrase that looks something like “food-grade.” Remember, you’ll be putting the product in your body. And that’s something you should take seriously.

And keep in mind that a lot of CBD and cannabis oil products in the Canadian market today only contain CBD (cannabidiol). So you won’t feel any psychoactive effect when you use these CBD-only oil products.

Though there are some cannabis oil products also infused with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), aside from CBD, among other naturally occurring compounds in cannabis plants, such as terpenes. And in most cases, the THC content of these products doesn’t go beyond 0.3%. Meanwhile, some cannabis oil products are labeled as THC oils. And the THC content of these products usually goes above 0.3%. So what this means is that you’re likely to feel mild to moderate psychoactive effects normally associated with the high that you get when you smoke marijuana.

It would be best if you always remembered another piece of advice to check the product’s expiration date. A few of our testers and fellow Canadian cannabis lovers reported mild nausea, vomiting and diarrhea after eating food that was accidentally mixed with expired cannabis oil. And in some extra rare occasions, a few reported the same unwanted effects after unintentionally using cannabis oil that isn’t designed to be mixed as a culinary ingredient.

Meanwhile, take careful note of the amount of cannabis oil you mix with your food and recipes. Remember that the more you put in, the longer its effects. And in some cases, you’ll also feel stronger effects. So a general rule here is to start with the smallest amount possible until you’re confident about your calibration skills later on. You can always work your way up gradually until you hit the right spot anyway.

Plus, don’t forget that the effects of these CBD and cannabis oil products usually kick in 60 to 90 minutes or longer after ingestion. And with a standard dose, you’ll usually feel its effects 6 to 10 hours afterwards. But this can vary depending on the tolerance that your body and mind had managed to build up from when you started using it.

Check out Kush Buddy’ wonderful variety of the best CBD and cannabis oil products to use with your recipes. 

Topical Creams and Lotions

There are a lot of certified cannabis and CBD products in the Canadian market today packaged as lotions and topical creams. These are infused with concentrates and distillates extracted from cannabis plants.

And as mentioned earlier, many of these products only have CBD and other compounds like terpenes, except for THC. And the absence of THC means you won’t feel any psychoactive effect once the compounds of these products mix with your bloodstream after being absorbed by your skin.

But some certified producers infuse trace amounts of THC into their cannabis oil lotion and topical cream products. Again, these are normally below 0.3%. But still, other manufacturers have opted to specialize in cannabis oil-infused lotions and topical cream products with higher than usual levels of THC.

So you’re again recommended to carefully read the labels of your shortlisted lotion and cream products. Take note of its THC content, if any. This way, you’ll get the benefits that you want.

And as for using these topical products, you’re advised to liberally spread them to the areas of your body where you feel pain or any physical discomfort. But of course, check if you have CBD oil for pain products. Remember, other CBD and cannabis oil products are designed for other purposes, such as stress and fatigue relief. There is even CBD oil for anxiety management products, though these are normally ingestible forms.

Meanwhile, suppose you have CBD and cannabis oil topical creams and lotions for stress and fatigue management. In that case, you’re recommended to spread liberal amounts unto the back of your neck, shoulders and calves. Some of our testers and fellow Canadian cannabis lovers say they prefer to put some on their foreheads and temples, gently massaging it as they apply the topical product.

But remember, the more you use it on your body, the longer its effects should last. And in some cases reported by our testers and others in the communities that helped us develop our guide on how to use cannabis oil, they feel a bit stronger when they apply more than their usual dose.

Also, many Canadians today are growing their cannabis plants and making topical creams and lotions from their harvest. You can also do this, especially if you enjoy growing cannabis or making useful stuff from things, such as freshly harvested cannabis buds and leaves.

Nevertheless, don’t forget about the 60 to 90 minutes required before the effects of these cannabis and CBD oil products kick in. This is so you won’t apply more than what’s needed, helping you avoid experiencing effects that will likely become much stronger or last much longer than what you want. And, also keep in mind that the effects of a lot of these products normally wear off after 6 to 10 hours or a bit longer, depending on your tolerance, current physiological condition, as well as the state of your body and mind when you use your CBD and cannabis products.

Direct Ingestion

We’re now at a point in our guide on using cannabis oil for pain and anxiety that’s dedicated to talking about the most widely known method for using cannabis and CBD oil products. Many of the best CBD oil for pain brands in Canada today are designed to be taken through direct ingestion methods. And the same can also be said when it comes to CBD for anxiety products.

But some manufacturers also design their CBD and cannabis oil products to make it possible for you to use it as an organic ingredient for your favorite recipes or as a core component of your homemade lotions and topical creams. And because of this, you get lots of options on how to use CBD oil for pain and anxiety, among other applications where CBD and cannabis oil are quite helpful.

Many of our testers told us that their preferred direct ingestion method for CBD and cannabis oil is placing a few drops of their favorite products underneath their tongue. This sublingual process makes it faster for them to feel the effects of these cannabis-derived oils, they said. And many of our fellow Canadian cannabis lovers at the local groups and communities that helped us develop this guide agree with them.

Meanwhile, some say they prefer swallowing their favorite cannabis and CBD oils. They told us that this makes the effects of these products last a bit longer than when they use them sublingually. However, they still need to wait usually for 60 to 90 minutes or longer for its effects to kick in when they use it through this direct ingestion method.

And, of course, we consulted lots of medical professionals about this. They’re in the same local groups and communities. And each of them has considerable expertise in designing clinical trials and lab experiments for testing cannabis and CBD oil products for possible benefits.

We learned from our conversations with them about these differences that by ingesting cannabis and CBD oils sublingually, it’s faster for the compounds in these products to mix into the bloodstream. And this makes it faster for individuals to feel the effects of these products. All the medical experts we asked about this say these effects kick in about 30 to 40 minutes after putting a few drops underneath the tongue. And that’s mainly because this sublingual method entirely skips the digestion process, which takes around the same time before the compounds of these products are carried over into the bloodstream.

Meanwhile, the same medical professionals also confirmed that the effects of CBD and cannabis products take a bit longer before it wears off when swallowed. After the compounds of these products go through the natural digestion process of the body, it breaks out of their oil-based encapsulates. This, in turn, makes it much easier for the body to absorb these compounds completely. And the main reason for this is that there isn’t any oil-based encasing between the blood and these compounds.

Canada’s 3 Best CBD Oil Products This 2022

And we’re now in a section of our guide on how to use cannabis oil, where we share our carefully curated list of the three best CBD and cannabis oil products in the Canadian market today. Aside from getting the largest votes from our testers and fellow Canadian cannabis lovers, the products below got the best scores from our rigorous testing and deliberation procedures. We use these when evaluating CBD for pain, CBD for anxiety and cannabis oil for relaxation products. So here you go:

Elevated Wellness – RSO (Phoenix Tears) 

We count this as one of the great products if you’re looking for a strong concentrated form of cannabis extract. The Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is made of potent, unrefined oil extracted from cannabis using ethanol. This one has quite an interesting backstory – the man who developed it, Canadian medical marijuana activist Rick Simpson, has skin cancer. He claims that this custom blend of cannabis oil cured him of the disease. 

Our testers were not so bold as to make claims as grand as Rick Simpson’s, but they agree with its potentness. The oil is sticky rather than watery, so we recommend heating this in the microwave for around 15 seconds before you use it. If you don’t have a microwave, you can place the jar in lukewarm water for 15 minutes before application.

Given the potentness, we suggest starting on a low dosage and just working your way up as you get used to it. You can use it topically or sublingually to absorb it faster. You can also take it by itself orally, or you can use it as an ingredient for extracts and edibles. 

You can use the RSO for cooking – use it like a cannabis cooking oil or cannabutter. We recommend mixing it with something more liquid, such as brownies or cake if you use it for baking. RSO can be drizzled over any food type, although it may taste weird for some. You can make it more palatable by mixing it with sauce to mask the flavor.

Order now and try the potent goodness of RSO (Phoenix Tears)

BudPop CBD and Cannabis Oil

We’re calling this the best cannabis oil in the country today for the strongest or most potent category. This is based on the results of our careful evaluations, in tandem with the number of votes cast and anecdotal reviews provided by our testers and the local Canadian community as a whole. And many of our testers say they consider this brand’s cannabis and CBD oil products as among the best CBD for anxiety management and stress reduction products in the local market this year. They told us this is due to the stronger than usual effects that they get from the CBD concentrations in these products.

Some of our fellow Canadian cannabis lovers also told us that they prefer to categorize BudPop cannabis and CBD oil products as the most effective ones they’ve used as of this writing to relieve pain and other types of physical discomfort. And because of its higher than usual potency, they also told us that these products help improve their appetite and induce sleep when they’re feeling restless.

BudPop also uses certified CO2 extraction procedures that comply with all industry-standard requirements of the American and Canadian governments. Plus, they use all-organic components and all-natural processes. This makes their cannabis and CBD oil products also ideal for vegans. And they use broad-spectrum CBD and cannabis extracts for many of their products.

Cheef Botanicals CBD and Cannabis Oil

Promoted as cannabis and CBD oil tinctures, these products from Cheef Botanicals get our overall vote as the best CBD oil tincture in the Canadian market this 2022. This is, of course, based on our extensive research, back and forth dialogue with medical experts in the country’s top universities and laboratories, and the results of our thorough tests and evaluation procedures. We also factored in the number of votes and reviews placed by our testers and fellow Canadian cannabis lovers.

Cheef Botanicals has been around for several years, producing top-quality supplements for the North American market. And to continue as a credible manufacturer of high-quality cannabis products, they use premium hemp for their CBD and cannabis oil products. These are grown in Colorado.

Hemp seed oil is also infused in their CBD and cannabis oil products. They only use organic ingredients, industry standards-compliant procedures and all-natural processes for their manufacturing, packaging and distribution pipelines.

Many of our testers told us that it takes a little bit faster for them to feel the effects of CBD and cannabis oil products from Cheef Botanicals than any other product on this list. And they prefer to take these CBD and cannabis oil products sublingually, as they don’t get any distinct cannabis aftertaste when they do this anyway.

Many Canadian cannabis lovers say they also share the same sentiments. And while asking them what they think about the CBD and cannabis oil products of Cheef Botanicals, they told us that they like the strong body high they get when using these products. It isn’t as potent as the body high that they get from BudPop products, but it’s enough for what they want.

FAQs About CBD and Cannabis Oil for Pain and Anxiety

This section provides quick, simple, understanding answers to some of the most pressing questions that we regularly get from our testers and fellow Canadian cannabis lovers. And here they are:

What Do You Put Cannabis Oil In?

You can put cannabis oil in butter. Or, you can use it the same way that you put sesame, coconut, vegetable and olive oils, among others, in various culinary recipes. Many CBD and cannabis products in the Canadian market today are designed with coconut or vegetable oil as the organic substance that encapsulates the compounds of cannabis plant extracts.

What is CBD Oil Good For?

CBD and cannabis oil provide benefits like pain relief, stress and fatigue reduction, and anxiety and insomnia management. The primary effects of CBD (cannabidiol) manifest as mild to moderate body high effects. This includes muscle and skeletal relaxation, calmer breathing and heart rate, sleepiness and increased appetite. Meanwhile, CBD is also known to cause very mild mind high effects, mainly including calmness and tranquility.

What Are Side Effects of Using CBD Oil?

The reported side effects of CBD and cannabis oil include:

  • Mild drowsiness and nausea.
  • Dry mouth (also known as cottonmouth).
  • Red eyes.
  • Diarrhea and fatigue (especially after its effects wear off).

The Canadian medical experts we consulted about these side effects point out that low energy levels or taking too much CBD and cannabis oil are the primary cause of mild to moderate drowsiness and nausea.

Meanwhile, they told us that cottonmouth and red eyes are side effects caused by how CBD and other cannabis-derived compounds are known to cause mild dehydration similar to light alcohol drinking and can also lower sugar levels in the blood. On the other hand, most cases of diarrhea due to CBD and cannabis oil use are isolated incidents involving individuals with negative reactions to the combination of certain ingredients and recipes with CBD and cannabis oil. On the other hand, fatigue as a side effect of using these products is often caused by low energy levels. And this is usually felt during the crashing phase, where its effects start to wear off. However, another important thing to note is that CBD and cannabis oil sometimes cause negative effects when mixed with certain medications like blood thinners.

How Many Drops of CBD Oil Should I Take?

The general rule is 2 to 3 drops thrice a day, especially for beginners. But many manufacturers provide recommended dosage information on the labels of their CBD and cannabis oil products. Though keep in mind that this primarily depends on several factors, including tolerance against the effects of CBD and cannabis compounds, body weight, the current state of body and mind before use, existing physiological conditions and regular medications. So ideally, you’re advised to start with the least amount possible and gradually increase your dose when you begin to feel weaker effects that don’t match what you want.

Can I Rub CBD Oil on My Skin for Pain?

Yes. Though you should do an allergy test where you put a small drop on the back of your ears. Not all CBD and cannabis oil products are designed the same way that CBD creams and lotions are developed to be as hypoallergenic as possible for topical use. Plus, you’re unlikely to get the same effects as CBD and cannabis-infused topical creams and lotions when you apply CBD and cannabis oil to your skin for pain relief. And the reason for this is that not all of these products have been designed to enhance optimum skin absorption.

And this concludes our guide on how to use cannabis oil. Just go back to any other section any time until you’re confident that you’ll be able to quickly pinpoint the best cannabis oil products in the Canadian market this year for your exact needs and preferences.

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