(AAA – Bulk) Gorilla Bomb (Variety)

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Due to her sheer potency alone, Gorilla Bomb tends to be a favorite of those who use cannabis for medical ailments. Most describe her effects to be helpful with depression, anxiety, and even more mild instances of PTSD, preventing you from even forming a negative thought during your high. Others rely on this bud to help with physical pain including cramps, joint issues, and muscle aches. While medicating throughout the day sounds ideal, anyone who chooses Gorilla Bomb may want to keep her as their before bed option only. Learn more.

Note: We always recommend ordering a smaller quantity before purchasing a larger bulk order.
NOTE: There are two different variations of the same strain from two different batches. The effects are similar but the visual and nose appeal may differ. Buds may be on the dryer side. Small/popcorn buds only.

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