Bulk – House Blend Shatter – 100g Slabs

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Our best batch yet! Made from our in-house strains and guaranteed to leave a lasting effect! Use with caution! Shatter is a brittle, glass-like cannabis extract named for its breakability. It has a glassy appearance and tends to break, or shatter, like glass when snapped in two. Like other cannabis concentrates, shatter is a favorite among dabbing enthusiasts. Shatter is a cannabis concentrate that is named for its hard, glass-like consistency that tends to crack, or shatter, when broken apart. It is typically gold or amber in color. Learn more.

Note: We always recommend ordering a smaller quantity before purchasing a larger bulk order. Sold as 100g slabs instead of individually wrapped 1 gram shatter. Please refer to the additional pictures for more details on each batch of shatter. All slabs are double sealed and padded but some breakage may occur during transportation. Typically ships out in 2-4 business days.

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