(AAAA) Baby Yoda x Death Star

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Have you ever thought about how confusing it must be to live inside of Yoda’s brain? We guarantee that experiencing the strain by the same name will be far more relaxing than having to say all of your sentences out of order. Mystery breeders won’t tell us where this strain came from though, so best guesses include a cross between Hindu Kush and Skywalker while others believe she hails from the OG Kush family! A consistent high awaits you with an average of 21% THC in this indica-dominant bud. Nugs are compact with a deep forest green shade and boast shockingly bright orange hairs and small amber crystals. Anyone who loves rich and savory strains will surely gravitate toward Yoda’s Brain, as sweet and spicy earth, herbs, and a hint of flowers will envelop all of your senses. Many describe it as mouth-watering and place it in one of their top spots of all-time favorites.  Learn more.

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