(AA- – Bulk) Black Diesel

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NOTE PLEASE READ: This product is meant for those looking to extract cannabis into other products (RSO, resin, distillate, edible butter, etc.). This product as is will not smoke well and is quite old. May contain some bud rot and stems which can be picked out. This product is sold as is and we do not offer exchanges or refunds. Please do not purchase this product to smoke. It needs to be extracted and refined to become a consumable product.

Black Diesel is a unique strain in that her genetics point to a strong sativa experience while users claim that she’s far more balanced in effects. Initially, you’ll likely enjoy a burst of euphoria and creativity after just a few tokes, making her the ideal accompaniment for completing your to-do list or tackling a project around the house. Focus may be heightened for a short period of time, so take advantage while it lasts. Once you’ve been flying high for a while, realize that a comedown is imminent, yet just how relaxed you become will depend on your tolerance. Learn more.


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