Black Series – Cali Bubba Kush

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March – Batch #4076 – California love! Stinky, gassy, LOUD!

A new yet familiar strain in the cannabis scene and a resulting byproduct of two widely famous celebrity strains, Cali Bubba may easily be your next favourite! Made by crossing the classic west coast California Kush and Bubba Kush strains, Cali Bubba is a highly potent indica hybrid. Reinvigorating the cannabis market and offering users a twist on the two legendary strains, Cali Bubba is seen as a powerhouse in its own right with a THC average of 24%! With heavily sedative and uplifting properties, it delivers a blissful body melt that will be enjoyed by recreational and medical users alike. With hashy spice and sweet fruit flavours, this strain is both delicious and delightful in more ways than one! It can be relatively hard to find, so when you see it, make sure you get your hands on it as you surely don’t want to miss out on this fresh take on a couple classics! Learn more.

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