Moonrocks (3.5g @ 75% THC)

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Moonrocks are a connoisseur treat. Once upon a time, someone looked at cannabis flower and said “geez, I wish this was covered in every other type of cannabis out there so I can take one puff and zonk out for 2 days!”…and so that’s what they did! Moonrocks are flowers coated in oil, dusted with kief, and rolled by hand. Each 3.5g of bud should last for 8-15 smoking sessions in a bong or pipe. We recommend breaking into small 0.2 – 0.4g pieces. Use with caution as these are extremely potent! Contains about 75% THC.. Learn more.

Strain:ย Purple Moonshine;ย Note:ย Moonrocks are purposefully on the dryer side as they need to be coated and covered in kief. Sticky/fresh moonrocks are a recipe for disaster!

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