(AAA-) Pink Tuna

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If you want to be pounded into a couch-locked state and find yourself lost in the tingly allure of a powerhouse Indica (70/30), Pink Tuna may be your new callsign. The high begins as a strong cerebral punch, full of euphoria and devoid of focus. Pink Tuna will not be your new work companion. It’ll be your body buzz, promoting relaxing tingles and a sense of “drift” as your mind flies away. If you want to turn your head into a loose balloon as your body sinks into cushions, consider this sedating strain as your new happy drug. Learn more.

Note: This product is on clearance as it’s on the older side. There’s no bud rot or mould, we just want to get rid of it. Exchanges/refunds not offered on this product. Great for a daytime mild smoke. 🙂

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