Vision Microdose Edible Chocolate (2500mg Psilocybin)

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Vision Microdose chocolate bars are a great way to enjoy the psychedelic effects of magic mushrooms without having to consume them raw. These delicious treats are for your first-time or microdosing consumers who are looking to try the wonderful world of psilocybin for the first time. Each bar is packed with 2.5 grams of psilocybin.

Comes in 24 delicious pieces! Each piece is made using premium Canadian chocolate. If you are new to Magic Mushrooms or have never tried psilocybin before, we recommend starting with one piece and giving yourself 30-45 minutes. The effects can take some time to kick in as a variety of factors including diet, weight, health, etc. can cause a quicker or slower onset. After some time has passed, you can consume another piece to extend your trip or amplify the effects. While these chocolate bars tend to be more gentle on the stomach, you may experience some nausea  which is normal for magic mushrooms. Learn more.

NOTE: For shipping orders outside of the GTA, we are not responsible for chocolates melting during transportation. Please keep in mind when ordering this product.

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