Willo Vapes – CBD Disposable Pen (1100mg)

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All-in-one disposable vape pen in slim, sleek, discreet packaging, featuring your favourite strains and 1100mg of the highest quality CBD Distillate. Learn more.

Note: (i) CBD Distillate contains small amounts of THC as it’s a full-spectrum extract, (ii) The distillate may appear clear for certain strains. (iii) CBD Distillate crystallizes naturally over time. To convert back to an oil form simply inhale several times or heat up the cartridge with your battery’s pre-heat function. You can also run the cartridge portion under hot water (do not submerge the entire device). Learn more.

Usage Notes: This vape pen is disposable. If the battery runs out, it can be recharged with a mini-USB or USB-C cable (depending on model). If the battery is completely dead, please charge it overnight first.

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