MCU – World’s End – Shatter Pre-Roll (1g)

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Mary’s World’s End are a one-of-a-kind, superpower charged, heavy hitting, couch-locking, day-ending, joint. We get it, that’s a high claim! So what’s in it? Each joint is expertly crafted and hand rolled. Unlike some other brands *Moonrock Cough Cough* Mary prides herself on consistent quality products that are ready to be enjoyed! Plan your visit to Saturn, these joints will definitely take you on a trip through space!

  • 1 gram Indica-hybrid pre roll
  • 0.65g of a single Super Quad strain.
  • 0.35g of Supernova Shatter (yes you read that right!)
  • Individually rolled and packed in a branded tube.
Earn up to 85 Buddy Bucks.
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