Mary’s Confectionary Universe – The Rocket – Premium Hash Blunt

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Hash blunts are a true connoisseur product that can be enjoyed during special occasions or just reward yourself for getting through a long day! A true treat!

Mary’s The Rocket hash blunts contain 2 grams of premium, Super Quad, cannabis and 3.5 grams of imported Afghan Hash creating a truly unique experience. Each The Rocket hash blunts are meticulously handcrafted, rolled to perfection, and weigh over 5 grams! Hash blunts do not provide an intense psychedelic high. Instead, you will experience a deep body high and one of the best sleeps of your life. Expect a smooth burn from start to finish. Each The Rocket will burn for 60-90 minutes.

Note this is a fragile product, please handle with care as the tips are made of premium glass! Do not hold the hash part of the blunt as the body heat and oil will cause it to melt and lose structural integrity. We recommend holding it vertically upright at the glass tip. Each roll is individually packaged. Squeeze gently at the top to open the tube and use a small tweezer to remove your ticket to ride The Rocket. To get the best smoking experience, please refer to the instructions here.

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